Why Wizards?

TL;DR – Why not? they are fun and fantastical. Wizards do magical things, Wizard Cards show what/how they are magical.

People have called me magical and I know many other good support persons who kick ass so hard that they are called magical. These people are magical for their ability to get things done when others fail. These people are WIZARDS. Wizards make magical things happen.

I’m a wizard who does magical things. So I’m gonna show some of my cards and preview some other Wizards and their cards.

You have the opportunity to engage with Wizards through their pages and see the cards they have revealed. The cards reveal some of the magic that the wizards wield and events they participated in.

If you like what you see, you can request an audience with a wizard and make a request. Some wizards are available and some are not based on an inconceivable schedule. You can only ask and hope that the magic you have is strong enough.